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Osprey Smart Scale for Body Weight and Fat, Bathroom Scales 18 Body Composition Analyzer Sync to APP, 4'7" Digital Display,High Accurate Body Scale for BMI,Heart Rate,Muscle Rate,400lbs

  • 18 Body Composition Analyzer: Conveniently measure a wide range of indicators, including BMI, Body Fat Rate (%), Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Body Fat Index, Obesity Level, Ideal Weight, Weight Control, Visceral Fat Index, Weight without Fat, Body Water, Bone Mass, Protein Rate, BMR, Metabolic Age, Body Type, Score, and Heart Rate. This comprehensive analysis offers valuable insights into your body's health status and composition, making it perfect for individuals in need of a bathroom scale for weight or a digital scale for body analysis
  • 4'7" Large LCD Display: Distinguished from conventional bathroom scales that merely display weight, our advanced body weight and fat scales offer automatic body composition analysis and boast a built-in storage chip capable of storing up to 10 accounts. With features like Auto Calibration, Auto On & Off, Auto Zero, and overload indication, using our scale is effortless and user-friendly.
  • APP Control: Seamlessly connect with the Smart Life App. This application offers inclusive charts and extended trends for 18 different body composition metrics across various timeframes – from days and weeks to months and even years. This empowers you to assess your advancements conveniently, no matter where you are. To ensure that your assessments aren't influenced by an overload of weigh-in data, we've taken measures to prevent data fatigue.
  • Multi-User Feature: Within the Smart Life App's body weight and fat scale functionality, you have the ability to establish upto 10 distinct user profiles on a single scale. Every user's data remains entirely separate and managed individually. The system's intelligence extends to identifying users as they step onto the scale, promptly associating the outcomes with their respective profiles if the weight variance falls within 4.4 lb. (Only connect to 1 Smart device with the Smart Life App)
  • Innovative Design: Carefully crafted with a contemporary aesthetic featuring elegant curves and modern waves that instantly capture your attention. Osprey Electronics Smart Scale transcends its functional purpose, transforming into a decorative element that adds a touch of style to your surroundings. It's no longer just a tool; it's now a statement piece of decor.
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Osprey Smart Scale for Body Weight and Fat

SKU: OE-Scale-Black-1
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