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Osprey Smart Curtain Opener (2 motors), 3in1: Roman Rod+ T-Track+ U-Rail, Suitable for 0.32-1.57" Rod,Remote Control & Automate App, Alexa-Google Home assisted (Gateway required), Double Side Opening

  • Effortless Setup: Easy and Quick Installation for Your Convenience Upgrade your home with the easy and stylish Osprey Smart Curtain! Install it in seconds on your existing curtain track without screws. Fits rod diameters of 8-40mm (0.32-1.57""). Enjoy hands-free operation and effortless elegance.
  • Flexibility Connection: Bluetooth connection available Wifi accessable with getway provided to connect with Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Extended Battery Life Upgrade to Osprey Smart Curtain for extended battery life! Our powerful battery lasts up to 6 months on a single charge, eliminating the need for frequent charging. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free curtain control.
  • Ultimate Sleeping Comfort: Upgrade your sleep with Osprey Electronics Smart Curtain! Our ultra-quiet window design reduces noise by 30%, ensuring a peaceful and comfortable sleep. The invisible technology helps you maintain a customized sleep schedule, without worrying about waking up at the wrong time or oversleeping.
  • Effortless Curtain Control with Powerful Motor Control your curtains with ease using Osprey Smart Curtain! Featuring a powerful motor, it can easily handle curtains weighing up to 10 kg (22 pounds) for smooth operation. Install two robots for double-sided curtains and open/close them simultaneously. Upgrade your home with ultimate convenience.
    Download manual here

Osprey Smart Curtain Opener, Remote Control, Double Open without Gateway

SKU: OE- LY1668-2
$137.99 Regular Price
$129.99Sale Price
  • Osprey Wireless Smart Gateway: WiFi & Bluetooth Hub, Automatic Device Control, 5V 1A, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, for Smart Home Automation

    • Enhance Your Smart Home: Osprey Wireless Smart Gateway (Hub) adds advanced features like timing control, voice command compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa, and scene control based on local data (Temperature/Humidity/Weather).
    • High Compatibility: The Osprey Hub is designed to seamlessly integrate with Osprey smart devices, enabling you to connect via the Smart Home APP through Bluetooth. Plus, it can pair with multiple Osprey devices, making your home smarter and more convenient.
    • Easy Setup: Get your Osprey Hub up and running quickly by connecting it to your smartphone and the same Wi-Fi network.
    • Remote Control: Say goodbye to the limitations of Bluetooth control. Osprey Hub offers real-time remote control, allowing you to share, modify, or delete devices from anywhere. You can also check the status and battery life of your connected devices on the go.
    • Voice-Activated Convenience: Osprey Hub is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice control for your smart devices, making everyday tasks like adjusting curtains as simple as speaking a command.
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